Real-time web analytics

For the success of your website

Use our analytic reports to optimize your webpage and better understand your customers.

Clear, easy to understand interface

Easy to understand - not only from your web developer.

All your websites - with only one tool

Unlimited number of websites with just one account.

Easily share your stats

Assign access and share with your team or customers.

All data in real time

No long waits. All our reports are in real time.

Events - on the pulse of your website.

Measure all important events on your website.

People and customers, instead of visits and sessions

Identify and measure unique visitors over a long period of time.

New: Activity time and scroll depth.

How active are your website visitors really?

Learn how actively engaged your visitors are and how long they read and write. With the activity time, you can easily evaluate the quality of your content and their successes.

With the value of the scroll depth you will realize how far visitors scroll down on your pages. This suggests, how much of your text is read and how much content is perceived.

Funnel Analytics
Funnel Analytics

Funnel Analysis.

Optimize your conversion rates.

Analyze the conversion rates of individual pages or events over several steps in real time and see how much time your visitors need to finish the next step. So you easily can find out, if your landing page works or why leads don't convert.

The analysis is created directly with your existing statistics data. No installation of conversion tracking code or configuration of complicated forms necessary. Simply select the pages or events and start the analysis.

More info: Funnel Analysis.


Analysis of targeted groups of visitors.

Define segments of visitors based on her properties and actions. Here you can choose from many different filters and analyze your visitor numbers down to the smallest detail. The possibilities are almost unlimited.

Visitor Segmentation

User profiles

Visitor Profiles

Get to know your visitors and customers.

Analyse not only individual visits and sessions. With our user profiles, you can exactly see over a long period of time, wich customers and users perform which actions. Every individual visit gets associated with the record of the user. Connect your statistics with the data of your online store or your community. Everything is set up within a few minutes.


Live Dashboard

Overview of the most important analytics.

On your personal dashboard you will see the current status of your website statistics in real time. The most important figures are represented clearly for different time periods.

In addition, you will see a Live stream of visitors that are currently on your website. Check the most important key performance indicators and hit lists based on a selected period of time. All in real time!

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